In quick sand

I was walking on soft green grass

the one that smells like children playing,

when I suddenly stepped on to marshy land,

and I was not ready to grow up


There could be no fighting with this,

or any way to go back and get out,

like a curse that can’t be undone

like innocence that’s lost


So I decided to appreciate the time that was left,

I decided to make the most of it,

but the harder I tried the faster the time

passed by and deceived me


Now the mud reached my neck,

I thought it should have been up to my knee,

unprepared my voice disappeared

with the mud choking me I lost my ability to speak


I knew it was going to be tough to die under mud,

I tried very hard to imagine the pain

of how my throat would choke

of how my lungs would fail


It turned out to be a lot worse than I imagined

to not be able to breathe at all

it was mud I could smell and mud to taste

and mud let me hear nothing at all


I reminded myself when I was not ill

when I used to have hope and faith

in something good that happens

I decided to borrow it from the time before


I put my hand out to be pulled,

though it took a lot of energy

with all my faith and courage

I waited to be pulled out


I was shocked when my fingers

were buried to the last few inches

I realized I really had to grow up

that there was really no way out


But I did not give up and kept the hope alive,

told myself this is a dream

I will soon get up gasping for air,

but I didn’t wake up.

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