Molly from the dark

No, I am not joking when I say I have a friend named Molly,

she is round and chubby and very very jolly.

She lives only in the dark and she hates anything bright

so if you switch on the light, we will get into a fight


Hope you are not like my mother, who thinks I lie,

when I say I need an extra piece of pie,

for my favourite friend molly has promised to come for my birthday

in the little black cupboard, next to the room where I stay


And mothers I tell you are not easy to convince

they are sure they know the truth

And if they didn’t have a friend like molly from the dark,

there is no chance that you could


So I found on the hill, inside a pipe 7 feet long

a girl named molly who didn’t know where she belonged

And I am the only friend she has who takes care of her

every sunday we meet … so please don’t bother


Now, why would mother tell the guests that I am a bit shy,

It’s dark inside my smelly t-shirt, that’s why

Molly had come to tell me a joke,

fine I won’t giggle, mother don’t poke.


A rumor had spread about a party under the bed,

with peanut butter and some toasted bread

I decided to invite molly’s new friends too,

but a party pooper scared them away with a boo!


And of course I am not scared of those silly little ghosts,

when we go to the movies everyone boasts

of how brave they are than me sitting under the chair

it’s an emergency and molly’s bike needs a repair


Sometimes its true I get carried away in space,

arguing with her in a small dark place,

while playing hide n seek its my den,

and I count till 2000 instead of ten


But the favourite part of my day is when mother switches off the light

And Molly and her friends come to wish me good night,

That’s the only time I can be myself and chat away

through the night till the break of the day.

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