If I could only turn my neck to the right

I could adjust the screw with my tongue

to let loose the thick strings

tying my hands down


But that could only be possible

If I could open my swollen eyes

long enough for me to focus on

the wall to which I am tied


Blinded with my mouth wide open

my jaws cramp and my lips crack

With my elbows I fail to wipe my running nose

how often its cold and how often I have wet toes


I wish I could arch my back

to reach the glass with my head

just so that it moves a little

but one little breath and it would break


The itch on the back of my foot

is distracting me from trying at all

like a bad song playing in my head

stuck floating in the sea of silence


Can’t sleep can’t stay awake

there is only one thing I can do

lie on my leather sofa

and listen to ‘with or without you’

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