I hate rodents and cats alike

and all those that steal a bite.

Cakes and puddings, nothing is spared,

even food that’s unprepared.

Found my donut half eaten,

croissant crumbs on my pillow.

It ate the filling from my cream rolls

ate chocolates over a kilo!

“I can’t take it anymore!”, I said to my mother,

“Let us lay a trap!”

“To catch that rat or dog or whatever it is

that hogs while we nap “

So we bought some rodent artillery

to blast that ugly hairy thing.

All the traps failed and the circuits blew

but we could catch nothing.

“No more sweets for me” I said,

and gave up all hope

No candies, no pain au chocolat

not even juice or Coke.

Then late at night one day I heard

rustling plastic in the kitchen.

I walked to the fridge as quietly as I could

to catch the nibbler, I knew I would.

As I slowly turned the door

the light shone on its face.

With chocolate smears all over

it was my mother in disgrace!

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